11… Post Christmas Musings

I can’t believe Christmas 2020 is past. The season went by so quickly. I’m still a little bit shocked that it even happened, but it did. I’m trying to process 2020, but I’m having a very hard time with it all. So I am going to begin by processing the easiest things first: Christmas!

  1. I did not get nearly enough done. Oops.
  2. Five books went unreviewed.
  3. Christmas content was completely nonexistent from me this year.
  4. I managed to bake a total of zero Christmas cookies.
  5. I watched the same Christmas movies on repeat and didn’t even see any of the new Netflix Christmas movies.
  6. Santa didn’t get me a single thing this year… Not even coal. I feel forgotten.
  7. I’m still not done Christmas shopping.
  8. I failed as a mother because the puppies didn’t get a single present. I’m the worst mother ever. Poor babies.
  9. I’m sad my office Christmas tree was never put up.
  10. I wish I would’ve seen more Christmas lights.
  11. I really missed getting to go out and do Christmassy things.

Those are a few of my post Christmas musings. I’m hoping next year will be better… Well, next year, I’ll be better. I was lazy and slacking this year. Oh well. I had a great Christmas day with family and puppies, so that is all that matters.

Originally published at https://onthebl.org on December 28, 2020.



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RaeAnna Rekemeyer

RaeAnna Rekemeyer

Mother of Puppies & Intersectional Feminist | Pants Hater: My dog has anxiety attacks when I wear them. | Busy exploring the dichotomy of femininity.