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Quick Review Shónẹ́yìn tackles universal themes by exploring the interior lives of four Nigerian women through the secrets they keep in a conservative, polygamist family.

Lọlá Shónẹ́yìn creates a horrifying family dynamic in The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, which seizes and disgusts…

Two and a half months ago, I road tripped to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon (again), and Santa Fe. It was a pretty spectacular trip if I do say so myself. I had to curb my chit chat because I’m sure everyone was tiring of my Canyon anecdotes…

It was Homecoming weekend for my alma mater, Cornell College, in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

September 30 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, known as Orange Shirt Day, to honor the children who were lost and survived residential schools. As of this year in Canada, it’s a federally observed holiday.

Residential schools were a cultural genocide on Natives, many did not live to tell…

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Quick Review Tartan is inextricably linked with Scotland in the minds and hearts of people around the world, but it has a long and not always Scottish story.

I’m a wee bit obsessed with Scotland. I was supposed to go on a month-long trip…

I love looking put together, but I hate spending money. I’m frugal because I like having a cushion to fall back on and I would rather spend that money on travels or dogs. Let’s be honest, most all of the money goes to the dogs.

I’m a recent press-on nail convert. Bougie without the salon prices.

At thirty, I am not…

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Quick Review Death comes to us all, but we can prepare for it. Kathy Benjamin helps people understand death, funerals, and how to prepare with a sense of humor and creativity while honoring traditions in this lovely little book.

I figured a cemetary would be the most appropriate location for these pictures… Or a morgue, but they said no. Weird.

I am pro talking about…

We’re doing a massive throwback to when the puppies were still babies and I was the proud mama of fifteen dogs. Keeping in the vein of: I’m so far behind in writing content for the blog, I’m showing up with these pictures taken in the middle of May 2020 when…

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Length 336
Quick Review Green Banks, West Virginia is the heart of a zone with bans on all devices emitting radio frequencies so astronomers can look past the stars. …

I started out niched solely as a book blogger in the Insta-sphere. Even though that’s not the only thing I was writing about way back when, it was what I became known for. …

RaeAnna Rekemeyer

Mother of Puppies & Intersectional Feminist | Pants Hater: My dog has anxiety attacks when I wear them. | Busy exploring the dichotomy of femininity.

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